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Top 10 most intimidating songs

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Blood stains all on my shoe strangs, Two bodies swingin’ in the back, and they hang.” Esham’s “9 Dead Bodies” is horrifying for more than just the lyrics.

Rather, his unsettling flow and sinister vocal intonations make the creepy storytelling all the more haunting.

While their song “Assassins” has had a few different incarnations, our favorite is the one found on their 1990 self-titled release.

If you were a professional boxer, and you wanted to get energized and intimidate your opponent at the same time, what song would you want to play upon your entrance?

I pick AC/DC~Walk All Over You Which is tied with Tom Waits~Lowdown but.....

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Quite possibly the best moment to sit in an arena during a UFC show is when the lights drop and the crowd goes silent just before a bass thump hits the speakers and a fighter begins his or her walk to the Octagon.