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Indicate which type of transfer you are requesting.

If the assets are coming from a: Brokerage account: indicate whether your transfer is to be TOTAL or PARTIAL by checking the appropriate box.

Chapter V Accounting Section 1 Accounting Principle Section 2 Account Books Section 4 Dividends of Surplus Section 5 Special Provision on Organs that Decide Dividends of Surplus Section 6 Liability related to Dividends of Surplus Chapter VI Changes in Articles of Incorporation Chapter VII Assignment of Business Section 2 Special Liquidations PART III Companies without Share Chapter I Incorporation Chapter II Partners Section 1 Responsibility of Partners Section 2 Assignments of Equity Interests Section 3 Liability for Mistaken Acts Chapter III Administration Section 1 General Provisions Section 2 Partners who Execute Business Section 3 Persons who Perform Duties on behalf of Partners Executing Business Chapter IV Admission and Withdrawal of Partners Section 1 Admission of Partners Section 2 Withdrawal of Partners Chapter V Accounting Section 1 Accounting Principles Section 2 Accounting Books Section 3 Financial Statements Section 4 Reductions in Stated Capital Section 5 Distribution of Profit Section 6 Contribution Refunds Section 7 Special Provisions on Accounting of Limited Liability Companies Chapter VI Change in Articles of Incorporation Section 2 Liquidators Section 3 Inventory of Property Section 4 Performance of Obligations Section 5 Distribution of Residual Assets Section 6 End of Liquidation Administrations Section 7 Voluntary Liquidation Section 8 Retention of Accounting Materials Section 9 Extinctive Prescription of Partner's Liability Section 10 Exceptions to Application PART IV Bonds Chapter I General Provisions Chapter II Bond Managers Chapter III Bondholders' Meeting Part V Entity Conversion, Merger, Company Split, Share Exchange, and Share Transfer Chapter I Entity Conversion Section 1 Common Provisions Section 2 Entity Conversion of a Stock Company Section 3 Entity Conversion of a Membership Company Chapter II Merger Section 1 Common Provisions Section 2 Absorption-type Merger Section 3 Consolidation-type Merger Chapter III Company Split Section 1 Absorption-type Company Split Section 2 Incorporation-type Company Split Chapter IV Share Exchange and Share Transfer Section 1 Share Exchange Section 2 Share Transfer Chapter V Procedures of Entity Conversion, Merger, Company Split, Share Exchange, and Share Transfer Section 1 Procedures of Entity Conversion Section 2 Procedures of an Absorption-type Merger, etc.

Section 3 Procedures of a Consolidation-type Merger, etc.

The important word here is “gift.” The money in these accounts, once given, is the legal property of the minor.

UTMA and UGMA Withdrawal Rules UGMA and UTMA custodial accounts allow adults to make a financial gift to a minor, and also name someone (including themselves) as the custodian of the account.For example, if you invest in a stock that doubles in price so you sell it, you would normally have to report that gain on your taxes.If that gain occurs within your IRA, it's tax-free, at least until you take distributions.To do a PARTIAL transfer, you must list specific assets and quantities in the spaces provided on the transfer form.Mutual fund company: CD, Life Insurance, or annuity: If you are transferring a Certificate of Deposit (CD), please indicate (with your initials) if you want to redeem your CD immediately or at maturity.Part VI Foreign Company Part VII Miscellaneous Provisions Chapter I Dissolution Order, etc.