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Dating of ramayana

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The 32nd King after Rama was Brihad-Bala who sided with kauravas during the Mahabharat War.He took an active part in the war and was one of the 7 heroes who fought with Abhimanyu and was killed by him.His work led to validation of 5561 BCE as the year of Mahabharata War while falsifying more than 120 alternate claims.

But before going to the dating, we will first address the vexed question of the relative chronology of Ramayana and Mahabharata. Traditionally, all Hindus known that Ramayana is older than Mahabharata.

Much later, deconstructing his text led to the conclusion that the great father of historical praxis must have passed through the North West Frontier province and reached the base of Hindu Kush.

This posed a question, which Herodotus did not ask himself: if he had indeed travelled to “India”, which “India” was this?

The voyage would have been 30 hours shorter if it could have travelled along the Gulf Of Mannar, which separates India and Sri Lanka, but this isn’t possible.

In this article, I will explore the topic of the Date of Ramayana from Literary Sources.