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Intimidating witness massachusetts

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In some cases, a domestic assault charge can be reduced from a felony to a misdemeanor level.

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The name of the case is A police officer watched the defendant and her companion try to buy heroin with food stamps.

An example of a "reckless assault and battery" is wildly swing your arms while you are near another person. The added element is that a person must "touch" another with an item or object used in a dangerous fashion, or that is in itself a "dangerous weapon," like a knife or a gun. The first hearing is "ex parte." This means that the person asking for protection appears alone and without notice to the other person.

Even if you did not mean to strike the person, you have committed an assault and battery if you do strike them accidentally and they are injured. An item "that is normally used for innocent purposes can become a dangerous weapon if it is intentionally used as a weapon in a dangerous or potentially dangerous fashion." Commonwealth v. This first, temporary order can be issued for up to ten days. To extend the order after a full hearing, the court must find a substantial likelihood of continued "abuse" upon a family or household member.

We discuss domestic violence tactics and procedure here. 265, §13M)Assault and battery on a family or household member is a misdemeanor if it is a charged as a first offense. A 209A abuse prevention order can order the defendant to do, or not do, many things, including: Violations of 209A Abuse Prevention Orders It is a crime in Massachusetts to violate a 209A abuse prevention order.

If you have been arrested for a domestic violence crime, you are likely being charged with one or more of the following offenses: Assault and Battery on a Family or Household Member (Mass. This means you can be punished by no more that two-and-one-half years in the house of correction.