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There is no right or wrong way to act or feel after an assault.After a sexual assault occurs, it is always your choice whether you want to seek services or not.First, much like which comes first--the chicken or the egg?--I wanted to know which comes first for guys: the urge to settle down and get married, or the right girl when you're not looking.I have tried an online disability dating site but had a horrendous experience.I was taken out for dinner to a quite nice restaurant in Bristol, but he had not considered the fact that I am a wheelchair user and needed to park my car nearby – this restaurant had a couple of steps and no parking anywhere near.The obvious start to this column is that I just can't get enough of guys.

Rape Response Services advocates are available to discuss your options and support the decisions you make.

Dear Aunty Tuppy, I am a wheelchair user and still single at the age of 35.

I am quite healthy, agile and have a happy life with my friends.

Rape Response Services provides free and confidential services to people who have been affected by sexual violence at any point in their lives.

Our 24/7 free and confidential crisis and support line at 1-800-310-0000 is staffed by trained advocates who can offer support, information, and referrals.