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A cosigner is someone who shares responsibility with the borrower for repaying the loan.
For starters, in the interest of full disclosure I have an account with ING Direct and — on more than one occasion — my wonderful wife of 27 years has told me I'm "sexy." Although, come to think of it, she most often makes that remark in the context of recalling a dream from the night before, in which I'm apparently incredibly sexy but happen to look exactly like George Clooney. "Face it: If you need to use money to impress someone, you're a big-time loser. In: Coffee at home with books borrowed from the library.

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We could simulate it easily enough on the database side using two many to one relations, but that would require us to add the association column to both tables, and things gets…

tricky when it comes the time to insert or update to the database, because of the cycle that this creates.

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Note that while in the object model we have a bidirectional mapping, in the database we have only a single reference on the employees table.Regardless of the supported devices used, the Open Tok platform supports the ability of users to interact with each other and exchange audio and video.Even if the clients are on different platforms, they can both connect, publish, and subscribe to streams in the same session.This will reuse the many-to-one association defined in the Employee mapping.Let see how this works for saving and loading the data: And the SQL that would be generated would be: This is quite interesting.Chatrandom is a truly addictive site and our Chatrandom alternative brings you an amazing way to enjoy video chat at its best.