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Johnson then welcomed his 'running mate' Tom Hanks to the stage, who has also hosted SNL five times Johnson and Hanks immediately chatted about being running mates in the 2020 election, with Hanks claiming he would surely get the senior vote since he 'fought in the World War II'... Johnson then chimed in: 'And I would get the minority votes'Hanks claimed he would surely get the senior vote since he 'fought in World War II'... Johnson then chimed in: 'And I of course would get the minority vote because every one just assumes that I am, well, whatever they are.' The actors then explained that between the two they could handle any crisis.

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No estoy dispuesto a perder mercado", asegura rotundo Osman Juma, responsable de uno de estos buses con gigantes pantallas planas que permiten no perder detalle y que adems se atreve con la prctica a pesar de estar perseguida por la ley.

"Suelen poner las imgenes de noche, sobre todo los fines de semana, y en rutas que pasan por bares de copas, aunque yo tambin les he visto entre semana, yendo a mi casa de Buruburu [barrio dormitorio de la capital]", cuenta Wamae, gran aficionado al tema que no entiende tanto revuelo ni por qu hay gente que se puede sentir ofendida.

Several porn stars have already spoken out against the possibility of being booted off Twitter.

“Porn is a big part of life, whether you want to agree with that or not, and that includes social media,” said actress Leya Falcon.

No user is permitted to have pornographic or violent imagery as a profile picture or background image.

But explicit material can currently be tweeted on the network and is labelled as “containing sensitive content”.

A pistol was recovered at the crime scene, carrying six rounds of 9mm bullets.

Street hookers in Nairobi ask normally 500 shilling (US5) for one round and 3000 shillings (US) for whole night.

Despite him fighting tooth and nail to bring back sanity to our society, it seems immorality is still the order of the day.

From socialites splashing nudies online to teenagers doing the unthinkable in broad daylight, the KFCB boss should do something. A Kenyan woman who seems not to be bothered despite the stern warnings by KCFB CEO Ezekiel Mutua on those who break the law has been selling pornographic materials on various social media platforms.

KRA deputy commissioner Florence Otory said there was a huge number of pornographic materials siezed, including artificial male and female sex organs, noting: “One of our duties is to protect the society against moral decay.” The goods were incinerated at MTRH.

A few of Njoki’s friends turned up for the burial, fearing they would be spotted by security agents.